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Below you will see examples of the two types of Athame that we regularly supply.

Type A is the smaller version of the 14th.Cent. Sword. Steel bladed, with black, wooden handle and brass pommel and guard. Size approx 14 1/2" overall. 50.00.

Type B also has a steel blade. It has a plain brass guard and pommel and comes complete with leather sheath. Size approx. 11" long overall, sharp edged. 25.00

Type C - Egyptian athame . a slender kriss style (wavy blade) in antique coppertone finish with stainless steel blade 12 1/2 inches long. The handle is an Egyptian Goddess with a winged scarab as the cross piece. 35.00

Athames are for sale to over 18s only.

These items are intended purely for ritual use. only.

Athame2.JPG (186247 bytes)Type A

Type B

Egypt-knife1.JPG (262286 bytes)Type C

Other types of Athame or Knife are available. If you require a certain type, please enquire and we will do our best to help you.        

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