Sacred Earth was started by Anthony Moorhouse in 1993, he was joined by Nigel G. Pearson in 1995 and opened their Ipswich shop in September 1996. Anthony has practiced traditional witchcraft from a young age and teaches several witchcraft courses.He has diplomas in Aromatherapy, Advanced herbal medicine, Advanced Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine from the National Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine and the University of Poona  in India.
He is a renowned tarot reader and has been reading cards professionally since he was 18, having clients across the world. 
 Anthony trained originally as a fashion designer and also runs the highly successful The Elvish Tailor.

Nigel G. Pearson was initiated into witchcraft as a teenager and is one of the leading writers on the subject. His books include: Treading the Mill, Walking the Tides, The Devil's Plantation, A Ring around the Moon and Wortcunning. He has diplomas in Advanced herbal medicine and Homeopathy.