Welcome to the new look Sacred Earth website!

Greetings Friends!
Well, here we are then, with the brand, spanking, new-look website. Hopefully you'll all like what we've done and find it a lot easier to use and find what you need.
I have to say a big Thank-you to Anthony for all the hard work and effort that he put into redesigning and getting it all set up - particularly as he had a horrible chest infection the whole time he was doing it and coughed all the way through. Well done you - it looks amazing!
As this is my first blog, I'm still feeling my way around it all and I'll keep this short. Suffice it to say, I hope you'll keep following us as we announce new stock, special artefacts, one offs, seasonal items and further developments. Anthony will be bringing you lovely new designs from The Elvish Tailor and I can say now that I'm nearly half-way through an exciting new book which I hope you'll all enjoy.
That's all for now.
Keep well and safe,